#2827359, By AnotherMartin Wii wish you a merry Greedmas and an unhappy new Wii

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    pjmaybe wrote:
    AnotherMartin wrote:
    this takes the total piss.

    That's just the unit?!?!?

    Feckin' hell they didn't even TRY to justify the price by bundling a bunch of shite with it!


    thehat wrote:
    AnotherMartin wrote:
    this takes the total piss.
    That must an error, surely?

    There was a thread in their forum about the price when they where at 280. Most people where quite rightly disgusted but OcUK's take on it was they are getting charged a premium on them as they are so hard to get plus they reckon the demand is there and people are paying what ever they ask.

    Personally, like a few others on their forum, I can't see how a little bit of profit now is worth risking your long term reputation as a cheap reliable supplier. Not that they are ever really the cheapest but I've used them a lot as they are normally quick and reliable. both with orders and RMAs.
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