#2836560, By ChimneyBug Jeff Minter having a bit of a cry

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    squarejawhero wrote:
    Sorry, man, I do. I do artwork for a living and even though I'm privvy to occasionally getting all ranty with mates and colleagues I wouldn't do it on a public forum if professional paid work, particularly my OWN, was involved. I also have to take some really quite harsh criticism at times, both for what I work on and from my directors (you can't get on with everyone, I'm there to do a job after all), but I've learnt to accept it.

    Nice pic though.
    Matching yourself up to Minter because you 'do artwork for a living' seems more arrogant than what he seemed to say. Anyone knows what criticism is like, it's not that special. I still say he's a jolly nice guy and doesn't deserve the ignorant stick he's getting. Time for bed, enjoy the rest of the thread :)
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