#2837663, By ChimneyBug Jeff Minter having a bit of a cry

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    squarejawhero wrote:
    I'm not matching myself to Minter, you're the one who seems to think all we are are internet nerds, when essentially that's not the truth. Rather than taking my comment out of context, let me say that what I'm attempting to do is showing that some of us may be speaking from an angle that appreciates what it's like in the media world. Whether you agree or not is another matter, but what I don't understand is when people who're essentially promoting their own product do something like this as it negatively impacts them, as seen here. I've seen it so many times.
    I was saying internet nerds as a blanket derrogatory term. Making art and/or working in the industry doesn't stop making someone an internet nerd though ;)
    When Unity was originally cancelled he was the image of subdued.
    the 'media world' is arse, I'd prefer have more Minters having a angry post now and again before having him wander around with a blackberry and a trendy mop :)

    squarejawhero wrote:Criticism IS special. It's how you take it that counts, and whether or not you take from it. Besides, regardless of YOUR opinion on how it's taken, it's kinda obvious what the majority is...
    No, I was saying 'Having had to deal with criticism is not special'. Which is why his small post seems normal.

    I don't know about the majority mate, that's never been a good measure, and he's still a nice sheep loving guy.
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