#2839673, By Idoru The Future of Electric Cars?

  • Idoru 25 Nov 2007 13:53:55 368 posts
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    Mr Harvest wrote:
    Seems like they haven't really solved (yet) any of the problems that have plagued electric cars so far. Operating range of 200 miles, dependence on special charging station, and even then there's the question: where does the power initially come from

    I think that's a bit unfair - of course the charging station is going to be different. All it takes is an international standard to fix that. As for the range, 200 miles isnt *that* bad, and they'll get better as the battery technology improves.

    I think the 'half arsed bio fuel solution' is more viable for the next 30-40 years than electric cars. Once we have solved the problem of producing cheap, pollution free electricity it will make sense to move over to electric cars.

    read this and see if you still feel the same about biofuels
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