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    I've had a chance to try Runaway for the DS now, and I must say it's really quite good.

    The controls are pretty intuitive; while holding down the stylus you get a close-up which makes it easier to pick out items in the background. You the switch between using items in your inventory (which is always displayed on the top screen) with the R/L buttons, and context sensitive commands with the d-pad. It takes a while to get used to, but it works surprisingly well.

    The graphics are nice, the character animations superb, and the numerous pre rendered cut-scenes are noticeably compressed, but not annoyingly so.

    Unfortunately (but perhaps not surprisingly) there is no spoken dialogue, but the sound is otherwise nice and fitting. Except for the horrendous theme-song, that is.

    Since I've only played it for a few hours I can't comment too much on the story. The initial stranded-in-the-jungle-after-a-plane-crash seems very reminiscent of numerous other adventure games (Flight of the Amazon Queen, Broken Sword 3, etc.) but after that the game opens up with plenty of interesting locations and characters (and also monkeys).

    I must also add that I find the difficulty of the puzzles just right, which is of course really important. Not too easy and never too obscure.

    I'd say it's one of the best point-and-clickers for the DS, and it is highly recommended for fans of the genre (which includes me).

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