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    Now this is a perculiar request. Basically my brother is getting himself hitched and I have organised a night out in London with friends to get royally fucked. This isn't what I would consider a classic stag do, the day/night basically invovled food, go-karting, pool and beers (shamelessly stolen from Spanky's Stag do location)

    No I have been racking my brain for weeks on what sort of punishment I need to exact on my brother, needless to say I have come of with jack shit. I don't want the old cliched "dress up as woman" crap or the "tied drunk and naked to a lampost". nor can I do the superb "dress the stag in a borat swim costume and take pictures then MMS them to his fiance" either, because of location and we already did that to one of our mates for his.

    So I am throwing this out to the frothing eye twiching EG masses in the vain hope that inspiration will occur.

    Help me EG!
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