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    michaelius wrote:
    What's better Lunar or Ys? And from which title you should start Ys ?
    Ys is the better game IMO. It's faster and less bogged down in ancient RPG tropes.
    Start with Ys 7 as it's the better looking and more accessible game. Oath in Filghana can be sod hard at times.
    Also I think Ys 7 is a bit longer - about 25 hours, whereas Oath is supposed to be around 7 (though I haven't finished it, so this could be bull).

    BTW, there is some loose narrative connection between each Ys game, but it's minor enough to be ignorable.
    In fact, all the Ys games I've played have almost identical plots.
    There is always a small village full of nice people
    There is always a big army looking to mess them up.
    There is always a small offshore island to go to at some point.
    So far this has been true of Ys 3, 6 and 7. I guess at the end of the month I get to see if its true of 1 and 2 as well :)
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