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    Ok. What sort of router do you have? Is it plugged directly into the phone socket or is it a USB modem and connected via your PC?

    If it's a router that's connected directly to the phone socket then use the RJ45 cable you got with the Xbox 360 and connect one end to the RJ45 port on your Xbox 360 and the other to the port on the router.

    If it's a USB modem then you must connect the Xbox 360 to the PC using a different RJ45 (cross-over) cable, which can be bought from pc world, dabs.com etc for less than a fiver. Then you have to set up a home network in the settings on your PC- not as hard to do as you may think- but I can tell you about that if you need it.

    Hope that helps. :)

    Oh and if you have a wireless router and want to connect wirelessly, that requires the purchase of a seperate add-on for the Xbox 360 which costs around 60.
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