#2861868, By Junglist95 Is this legal?

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    Jus been down gamestation to pick up a pink ds lite for my daughter, was looking to buy the same deal i purchased last week for my other daughter, a ds lite with starter kit & any game for 119 (very reasonable imo) but it turns out they don't do that offer no more, all they do now is a ds lite, starter kit & 2 games (1 game has to be a choice from 3 braintraining titles & deal or no deal & the other game you can choose from any title at all) at the price of 149. So i tell the dude i dont want the 149 bundle i'll take jus the ds & a copy of MySims, they said sorry can't do that, apparently you can only buy the ds in this bundle, they are not for sale on their own WTF.
    Surely this practice can't be legal why should i be forced to buy something i don't want, when you buy a new car they don't say you can only buy it if you buy the top of the line alloy wheels, a roof rack & have a body kit fitted to it as well.
    I think these high street game retailers are getting to big for their boots, & dont get me started on the second hand market.
    I used to like gamestation (except for the sweaty smell you seem to get in most of there shops) but i increasingly find myself getting more pissed off with all the big game retailers, there is no fair competion in the market anymore (maybe it has something to do with them all being owned by the same people or somat), lets boycot the big game retailers, but where have all the little indie shops gone, they've shut down cause of the high street retailers.

    EDIT: When i purchased the 1st ds jus over a week ago i had the option to buy a ds on its OWN, this week that option has gone and you can only buy the 149 bundle
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