#2864726, By Nuttah So, if I get COD4 at Christmas, will I still have a chance online?

  • Nuttah 4 Dec 2007 18:24:17 1,840 posts
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    I have finally got to my dream setup for COD (at least for the smaller tighter maps)

    P90 (silenced)
    Desert Eagle
    Fast magazine change

    Managed a 25 kill streak on missile silo with that setup. although I may change the fast change to UAV invisability.

    To be honest though as stated before, the starting weapons are not bad at all, especially with the grenade launcher or as some people like to call them the 'Noob Tube'. Makes me laugh the amount of people that complain about that weapon addon.

    Larger maps I prefer my G3 silenced and MP5 silenced in overdrive mode.
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