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    I've been off the cigs for over 5 months now. Used Champix to help stop after a friend recommended it to my wife and I. The first 2 weeks of taking it, I felt quite nauseous and a little odd. That's when the drug has really kicked in and smoking any tobacco really tastes like shit.

    A week later and I was attempting to smoke once a day but stopped after a few draws. As I said, I did feel quite strange when on the champix but probably no worse than if I was going cold turkey.

    For anyone fed up of nicotine substitutes, they may be worth ago. It was all free (lives in Scotland). I went to a smokers group and they give you a note for the doctor for a subscription. The support group was good as well, once a week and they give you a smoke breathalyzer that monitors the carbon monoxide in your blood system. Feels better talking with other folk in a similar position as well.

    Took Champix for 6 weeks instead of the recommended 12 weeks. I'd been smoking for 20 years as well, just wish I'd given up sooner.

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