#2868263, By Xensor Why do i bother...

  • Xensor 6 Dec 2007 02:49:17 1,053 posts
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    ... reading any comments thread for any game any more on this site? They are all, universally, depressing identical.

    Comment 1 - short, not very funny tho it tries, mostly harmless.
    Comment 2 - longer, interesting, worth a read if you're lucky.
    Comment 3 - Fanboy bilge.
    Comment 4 - Troll finger-farts.
    Comment 5 - repeat 3 and 4 until all meaning is lost.

    I remember a time when the fields were green and pleasant, debate was honest and fun (i hope someone is whistling the hovis theme!) and the Eurogamer forums and comment threads were a friendly, sociable place to be... ah those long lost, halcyon days of yore...

    Now its all "shitcock" and "lolnub". GIFT in full effect. I hate it.
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