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    hi guys ive read this forum for a while now but never posted just a shame the 1st post i make is a bit of negative one

    anyway my wii (had since launch day last yr)decided to give up on me on the day mario galaxy got delivered,the problem i had was when i plugged console in the red standby light came on,pressed the button console flashed blue and green light also came on for a split second then nothing no power what so ever even the standy by light gone,take the ac lead and plug it back it and red lights back on and then same process if repeated

    i sent it to a firm called gt electronics(console repairs) as i heard they had a good rep for being fast cheap and reliable and they sent it back saying it could not be fixed but the one woman on the phone couldnt tell me why

    so just wondered if anyone on here could reccomend a console repair company or has anyone else had this issue,i know i should have rang nintendo 1st but from past experience i figured i'd get my console back quicker and besides the warranty is expired tomorrow anyway

    rather have this fixed than buy a new system as all my virtual console games and game saves are on there as well as my account being linked to club nintendo

    hope some of you can help

    ps sorry about the grammer dont think ive used one full stop
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