#12405332, By Rodney International 'nutter runs amok' shootings thread (inspired by America)

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    Well why let the tools of terror be freely available to terrorists?
    Because if there's no guns then the king of England can walk right into your house and tell what to do. That's why the USA still has semi automatics right?
    If America didn't do gun reform after Sandy Hook it will never happen. That's the day they decided that the lives of innocent children were a price worth paying to get to feel like a Big Strong Man and play armies down the woods.

    It's got to be hard to turn back once children become expendable and grade schools sacrificial.
    I don't know. I think after the Parkland (?) school shooting last year things started to change. A majority of the public in America want gun reform it is just whether people have the will to change that at a political level and vote for people standing on anti gun tickets.

    I still follow Emma Gonzalez on Twitter and they still campaign and students still protest etc.

    Also i think their are a lot more younger Politicians coming through now that are far more, for lack of a better word, militant about issues like this.
    I've watched a report on LGBT groups tooling up now. The US is beyond saving (itself).
    The NRA will be furious when transgender females start competing in Male shooting competitions
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