#9228521, By wizbob International 'nutter runs amok' shootings thread (inspired by America)

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    @ronuds I think ecureuil is absolutely right; America has decided that gun ownership is worth a couple of school or college massacres a year. These kind of trade-offs are made by nations all the time; who should be allowed drive a car? should alcohol be legal? These freedoms all cost lives and it's up to every nation to draw that line for themselves.

    I don't see any use in Europeans wringing their hands, I don't any more. I'm sure that most Americans are fully aware of the consequences of the compromise that they have entered into.

    That said, I'm a little less sympathetic given the level of US weapon production and export. I always think of that quote about Mexico; "So close to the US, so far from God". They've really paid the price for being close to the country that believes in gunishment.

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