#9228616, By dufftownallan International 'nutter runs amok' shootings thread (inspired by America)

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    meme wrote:
    If you change "mass shootings" to "mass attacks" it becomes a slightly different story, though. Look at China, over the past few years it's had a huge number of school attacks - one, bizarrely, at the same time as this one. Guns leave more dead than knives, true, but just strapping down guns simply isn't the answer. They should look at the gun problem, but first and foremost they should be looking at the people doing it.
    in a slight parallel to the suicide nurse prank call story; it wasn't the prank call that made that nurse take her own life, it was a number of factors - most probably societel pressures and her working conditions, but people will always try and find a scapegoat.

    I think you're absolutely right; the means aren't normally as important as the reasons but exploring the reasons needs more time and depth than anyone in power want to look at.
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