#9231022, By Rajin International 'nutter runs amok' shootings thread (inspired by America)

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    Although this link does little to change Pierce's shouting(he should have handled the discussion better), it does give more lenghty and clear footage of the whole discussion. The 3.45 minute discussion is only 1/4th of the whole thing.


    He is clearly frustated though by the guy on the left of the gun lobby. He uses warped statistics of very short time frames(or none mentioned) where he says that putting restrains on guns leads to more deaths. I would be very frustated if someone would try to use such warped statistics in a disucssion, and he clearly represents it as the ''truth''.

    Americans and the NRA are hypocrits and often contradictory on the subject of guns, especially after a shooting such as this(all the polls show are only a snapshot, they should start a debate long after a shooting without a media frenzy)
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