#9232071, By Rodney International 'nutter runs amok' shootings thread (inspired by America)

  • Rodney 17 Dec 2012 08:46:54 3,511 posts
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    We are all products of our environment to an extent but that doesnt absolve personal responsibility.

    Realistically how, as a society, can we address the issues you mentioned? They are kind of nebulous. And how should we differentiate between those who innocently deviate from the norm like yourself and the loners who develop more simister problems?

    What frustrates me about these killers is that they know their actions are going to inflict suffering and they know they are going to kill themselves any way. To take out a load of innocents with you just seems so pointless and spiteful. They are not even going to be around to enjoy their notoriety. I dont get it.
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