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    They're totally blind to it, it's amazing really. If they want to stop it then they need to make guns illegal. Nobody is telling America how to run their country, and if the American populace wants legal firearms then it's their choice. Just don't fucking complain when someone shoots up a school, it's your own damn fault. You can bleat on and on about mental health services and all that nonsense, but it's a very obvious blanking of the real issue. Killing sprees will always happen, and they will always happen FAR more often in countries with legal guns. Do Americans think it's a coincidence that they have a mass shooting every 4 months while places such as the UK have one every ten years or so?
    No I disagree with this, I think gun laws are the easy target. What about countries like Finland and Canada. I never here about massacres in those countries. What about the guy in china who stabbed about 20 people in a primary school the same day...

    Guns or no guns, people will find a way.
    Yes. He INJURED 23 kids. Injured. None dead as far as I can tell. Doesn't this EXACTLY make the point?

    Gun ownership:

    Gun related murder rates:

    I'd like to see absolute murder rates, but I think there's not much doubt that making killing people easier increases the number of people killed. In fact, isn't this fucking obvious?

    Australia reformed its gun control laws in 1996 and hasn't had a massacre since:
    (written by John Howard in August this year).
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