#9233010, By International 'nutter runs amok' shootings thread (inspired by America)

  • Deleted user 17 December 2012 16:33:54
    Psychotext wrote:
    But apparently more guns = less deaths as everyone can defend themselves.
    The pro-gun lobby view incidents like this as a kind of insurance policy payment. "Sure a few kids died now, but at least we'll be able to defend ourself should Johnny Russki come along and try to steal all our farmland". And to a (twisted) degree they're right. What's a few tens of thousand deaths if down the road the US nation can stand up and repel foreign invaders that may end up killing millions?

    FWIW I don't really see any difference between watching Heston defending gun laws and watching Clarkson defend car use. Except unlike guns, cars kill hundreds of thousands of people even when used properly.

    Sometimes things that serve a very useful purposes are exceedingly dangerous in the long term yet we're happy to accept and even vehemently defend the risks involved. Guns are amongst those things. Is there an easy solution? Fuctifino
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