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    It wasn't the website it was on, it was the fact that its a piece of advertising PR - I know how fake they are and they wind me up. Wasn't having a go at you, was having a go at it.

    Take the headline:


    Its called Churnalism.

    There are a number of places on the web that pay people to take part in surveys. The people are being paid per click so aren't rally bothered what survey they take and will click anything to get their cash, the websites claim they filter, but the filters are easy to bypass.

    You run a poll on one of these sites, but slant it so that it covers something like sex, booze, adultery etc.
    Questions like, Have you had sexy thoughts while reading the EuroGamer forum?
    Do you like Bremenacht's profile pic?

    Conduct your poll and get a few hundred responses.
    Then get a "Boffin" to analyse the results and compile your survey.

    Sprinkle the company name liberally in the text and send to tabloid newspaper. Your press release is sprinkled with sex and booze so they'll print it. The paper will re-write it (if you're unlucky) slightly but 60-70% of your original text will get through and your company will get 2 or 3 mentions (especially in paragraph three).

    And voilà:


    Male gamers will be keeping an eye on their wives and girlfriends following the startling results of a new survey. Its not just Hollywood hunks attracting their women, now there’s a new one to add to the list of female heartthrobs – bremenacht from EuroGamer..

    One in four females said they had sexy thoughts whilst reading the EuroGamer forums and top of their favourite profile pics was bremenacht

    Eurogamer appears to be the place where the ladies go to find hunks. The website has always had some female fans but now EuroGamer looks like it maybe swamped under the demand of the ravenous females. Eurogamer owner, Rupert Loman said..."

    An advertorial in a national newspaper that has only cost you a few hundred quid.

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