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  • theleedslads 12 Dec 2007 16:43:53 450 posts
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    I had a flashed premium before.

    I thought it was great at the time being able to get 5 games for 10 from my local boot sale, but never ended up giving each game much time.

    The the 360 LIVE ban came out but for some reason mine remained fine! so continued to use my 360 to its full capabilities.

    Then i got the innevitable RROD! so i invested in an Elite.

    I had the chance to get it flashed but opted out this time.

    Now i really appreciate the games on the 360, rather than playing a game for 5 mins then banging another in and not really bothering trying to complete it, i pay full whack and make sure i play them through and get my moneysworth!
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