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    I wrote this review nearly 12 years ago, when Amazon was just starting out in the UK. Naturally, I'd never read the book in question, and it was only years later that I found out it was a children's story and not the tome of popular philosophy I'd imagined it to be. I just liked it because it was about Bison.

    Nonetheless, as of now, 4 people still found it 'useful.' I like to think I do my bit.

    Engaging attempt to understand Bison better

    Taylor has obviously spent a lot of time researching for this book, and the result is a careful, considered and often charming inquiry as to why the White Bison is so secretive. Taylor stalked the almost mythical White Bison for nine months through some of the harshest terrain known to man, and the dedication of his mission is stamped across this book like a hoof. Remaining cheerful, despite losing an arm to a cougar, Taylor uses the philosophical demeanor of the White Bison in order to reflect upon the state of humankind today. His conclusion is optimistic, but I felt he was somewhat overawed by the majesty of his subject, and allows himself to treat the White Bison as the ideal paradigm for human behaviour without fully answering his original question - what is White Bison's secret. Implicit in his book is the impression that White Bison can only ever be an ideal to aspire to without ever being attainable, but Taylor, in his near-delerious state, overlooks the practical diffculties of actually being like a Bison. Nonetheless, his style is refreshing, light-hearted and quietly analytical, conveying an unassuming sense of dignity and authority which makes this book such a pleasure to read. All in all, a fine attempt at a piece of 'Popular' philosophy in the vein of Pirsig which is let down by some conceptual and analytical problems, but redeemed as a good read by the engaging tone and frequent mention of White Bison.

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