#2886115, By Tezzer cancelling orders from amazon money back?

  • Tezzer 12 Dec 2007 21:27:37 144 posts
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    so i ordered a game from amazon about 2 weeks ago which i was going to give as a gift for christmas,
    anyways on ordering i find out that it tells me that estimated delivery time would be sometime in early january due to apparent limited stock or somthing i guess, thinking that meh this is just a bit of bs they throw at u so i dont complain if it doesnt come as fast as any normal deliveries should. however i'm now thinking of just cancelling the order and just goin to see if they have it in the shops, i dont mind if its a little more expensive,
    but i was wondering if i cancel, what happens :S do i get my money back and how does this happen? will the money just be returned into my bank account? or...
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