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    hmm.. well unless I missed the point entirely the entire thing was about the effects of power being given to people too imature to wield it. Tetsuo reperesenting man kind, the idea being we are too basic and emotionaly imature as a species to be given power like atomic weaponry.

    So basically the governments medling with the latent power of these special kids caused the first disaster, when Akira asscended to some higher state of being, destroying Tokyo in the process. Now the city is rebuilt but the government didn't learn its lesson and is still doing the research. Tetsuo becoming the latest test subject. Tetsuo though is too imature to wield it, and unable to control the power thats been given to him it ultimatley destroys him, and would have destroyed everything had Akira not returned and taken Tetsuo back with him to whatever dimension / universe he now inhabits.

    Another explanation is that Akira never asscended but was just killed and disected after he destroyed Tokyo, and that with his bits out of storage he basically resurected himself and created a new universe which he then takes Tetsuo to with him. That makes more sense actually given the doctors babbling near the end.

    During this there's the whole military coup going on aswell obviously, and the anti government 'terrorists' who Kaneda gets mixed up with, who were also obviously attempting to stop or expose the 'akira' program. Oh and the whole quasi religious revolution thats going on with everyone looking to Akira as some kind of christ like figure who is going to return to save the world. Which he actually ends up doing it would seem.

    Is that about it or have I got totally the wrong end of the stick ?
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