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    Psychotext wrote:
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    PS3 market share on CoD4 and Assassin's Creed is much higher than comparative install base vs 360. And that's despite superior 360 versions

    If I were Microsoft I'd be seriously troubled that that
    Total software sales for the month were actually in favour of MS this time (in terms of games per console), just not when you only look at those two games alone. Besides that... at this stage the percentage of PS3 owners who are hardcore gamers should be much higher than the 360 (which has broken into the Madden crowd) so tie ratios should be high.

    And there's the presence of Halo 3 and Mass Effect sucking dollars out of the 360 market - CoD4 and Ass Creed don't have the same competition becasue of Sony's mediocre 1st party efforts

    Nonetheless, it's far from dominance for Microsoft in their homeland and, UK aside, Sony is burying the 360 everywhere else (with Europe looking especially bleak vs expectations for them)
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