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    Nonetheless, it's far from dominance for Microsoft in their homeland and, UK aside, Sony is burying the 360 everywhere else (with Europe looking especially bleak vs expectations for them)

    You're really crap at spinning numbers aren't you? Charts I posted yesterday show the PS3 have strong EU sales yes, but only 20-30k above 360 hardware sales figures. You can hardly talk of 'burying', which is what the 360 is doing to the PS3 in its homeland, to the tune of over 300k units in November.

    No, I'm simply making a comment. 360 has been comprehensively outselling PS3 in the US, but they would have liked a bigger lead and crucially, a bigger share of top 3rd party game sales. They've still done brilliantly to grow their market share in the US

    In the UK, their lead over PS3 is steady rather than growing. The pan-Euro charts that are public don't show the breakdown by country, but the format is struggling on the continent.

    Japan we all know about, neither company performing as they'd like, but at least PS3 has a future there

    If I were to indulge in 'wishful thinking' I'd rather 360 was doing much better, like most publishers with 360-lead product line-ups... Personally I'm a massive 360 fan, but I thought it was permissible to discuss sales figures sensibly here

    Perhaps you were looking for Neogaf?
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