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    Just finished watching Farscape. Really really good, and much more a space action adventure than for example, BSG or STar Trek stuff. The Jim Henson things really make it stand out; less sociopolitical stuff and way more strange alien experiences, all action, etc., . What is nice is that the main character is as out of depth in the universe as the viewer, so it's not demanding you simply adapt to whatever new scifi norms they have created.

    The puppetry really really make it much more varied than things that are more static and drama based (i.e., with just people).

    One scene later in the series (maybe series 3) really shows it for what it is from a gamer's perspective when it occurred to me why I was liking it so much: a big long Final Fantasy-style space adventrue where every character is unique, different back story, etc., . The scene is brief but reminds you straight away of FF-X or FF-VII.

    I give it a thumbs up!!

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