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    Maybe it's because I've played DDS 1, 2 & nocturne to death, but Persona 4 does feel very much like a spruced up rehash and I do prefer the story focused as opposed to social interaction approach. The presentation is fantastic but I found myself becoming tired of the same turned based system with little development on the formula. Streamlined, but perhaps a bit too simple for my tastes. I also noticed enemies were being rehashed with palette swaps later on in the game.

    I'm not a fan of the whole random floor generation thing. It feels a bit cheap having these corridors and rooms, it kills my interest pretty quickly, as I like open vistas to explore and admire the design. It's not particularly tough either and the optional dungeon is a bit lame.

    + Fantastic presentation
    + Non random battles
    + 60+ hours
    + Interesting plot
    + streamlined menus and fast loading
    + Fusing personas in the velvet room
    + Some of the music like the velvet room.
    + The P3 songs they left on the disc (by accident?)

    - Imbalanced combat. Battles can be v tough or v easy.
    - Underneath the same turn based system used in most SMT games.
    - Listening to the same battle BGM for most of the game starts to grate quickly
    - No 60Hz option
    - Having to go through reams of lame text relating to the 'feelings' of the characters.
    - Randomly generating floors that look like circuit diagrams leave little scope for real exploration or admiring environment design.
    - Too many palette swaps later on instead of new enemies.
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