#2912238, By Nuttah The Return of the Native - tips please for an ex-expat

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    Whizzo wrote:
    otto wrote:
    No, 37 was for the 'XL' broadband contract alone. The next one down is a pathetic 5mb.
    But at least you'll get 5 meg, ADSL is all over the place with their "up to 8 megabyte" claims.

    Its suprising how many people really don't understand how ADSL speeds work (not including you in that, just generally). Although much as I dispair at the populace being angry on a subject which is realy simple to understand, most ISP's don't really explain it at all.

    If you want a bit more guarantee on speed Otto, go for Cable. If you live right next to an exchange (i.e. in meters) and you have a good quality phone line you may get 8mb ADSL (or between 8 and 24 for ADSL 2).
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