#2918318, By magicpocket The Club Demo is up!

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    uiruki wrote:
    magicpocket wrote:
    uiruki wrote:
    I've been playing this demo for an hour or so, and it's really great, ...really impressed bit of text.

    What's your highest score so far?
    What's the longet combo you've had?

    I'm having difficulty getting above about 22-23x combos (reloading over 20x means you are pretty much going to lose at least 1 or 2 multipliers), and I've been hovering around 6 million or so in Insane mode on the time attack stage, which is my favourite so far. Looking forward to the PC version, then I'll be able to pull off the headshots a lot more reliably. As it is, I'm still working out the best order in which to do stuff. I'm trying not to burn myself out on the game by playing the demo too much - it sounds counterintuitive but there have been games where I've ruined my appetite for the full version by playing the demo too much - Dead Rising is a good example.

    Hahahahahahahaha - fair enough. I've tipped 7million, but have only managed that once.

    Definately about finding the right 'route' to do it in and making sure you know where all the skull shots are.

    Pure gaming through and through.
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