#3065959, By Bru-Man Experience 112 - most interesting game you're not going to play this winter

  • Bru-Man 18 Feb 2008 20:22:31 200 posts
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    Played this now and it's definitely piqued my interest.
    Script is a bit poor and Lea's voice randomly changes emotion with each line but gameplay-wise it's definitely unique.

    Cameras were pissing me off a bit until I realised it only lets you have a max of 3 active at one time anyway - so saves a lot of fiddling there. I liked getting access to the computer system and reading emails/documents. Bit that annoyed me the most was the bloody robot. Spent half-an-hour at least trying to get him into the right position to pick up the keycard but he didn't do it. Only then did I completely by chance spot the unmarked button that magnetised it's arm and picked it up for you :E
    (FYI it's in the centre of the robot direction controls.)

    Think I'll have to track this down.
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