#2924979, By Lord-Crumbz Yo People who have Kane and Lynch on PS3.PLZ READ!

  • Lord-Crumbz 31 Dec 2007 22:32:10 52 posts
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    heyyo! wrote:
    Lord-Crumbz wrote:
    heyyo! wrote:
    if u rob any1 on kane and lynch am gonna hunt u down were u live an fukin ave ya

    stop rob ppl k? i kill ur pussy backup as well yeh

    man u weak u aint robbin no one u homo thug ill murk u...Me and my teammates will teabag u hoe.

    nah u fucking wasteman i live in east london blad, i'll fuckin stab u up u pussy i'll fuking jack all ur stuff prick
    there u go again internet bangin am i supposed to be afraid of u...Com see me in Wisconsin Millwaukee aight com down here then com do sumtin to me or keep talkin shit...otherwise just stooop aight enough kid games...shits old
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