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    Super_Zee wrote:
    Lord-Crumbz wrote:
    Yo lol man u r funny,but yo quit folloin me u homo thug just dont say anything aight.
    Dude, the guidelines are pretty clear:

    "Please take the time to read and follow these simple guidelines and rules and your stay on the Eurogamer forum will be a happy one!

    When posting...

    3. Language - Don't write in ALL CAPS or TXT SPK or L33T SP33K - It is hard to read and annoys people.
    4. Write clearly - We can't all be great writers, but at least we can give it our best shot."

    People here (rightly, IMO) hate TXT SPK. Do what you want, write what you want, just write properly and things will be smoother for you.

    Happy New Year, and enjoy Kane & Lynch.
    lol wtf like i care dude y cant everyone just get off my nutz man leave me the fuck BE!
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