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    Owen-B wrote:
    Lord-Crumbz wrote:
    alright yo u know wut ima type the way i want and just ignore all the faggets hatein.. :D
    Serious question - do you have to concentrate on typing and spelling like that? I mean, it's ludicrous and quite embarrassing really, and I'm guessing you don't type or spell like that in real life. At least, I hope not for your sake. So why bother online? Do we mean that little to you that you can take shortcuts in your communications with us? And if so, why do you expect to be taken seriously round here where pretty much 99.9% of us type properly?
    alright i didnt read everything u said but naw i can type proper but i just type like this cuz its much faster and no i dont have to concentrate dumb fuck i dont even have to look at the keyboard unlike ur dumb ass havein to check if everythings perfect :D
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