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    Gremmi wrote:
    How hard is it to configure a headset to only use voice (that is, the game sound comes out speakers as normal, voicechat through headset only)? I've never pissed about with multiple audio channels in Windows before, let alone in-game.

    Thinking about it, it might be easier to whack a 360 pad in and plug a 360 headset into that. At least that'll run over USB rather than fucking around with wires.

    Only with the latter option. You need two physical devices to even have a chance of seperating out the channels realistically. I wouldn't be suprised if you had to use an external voice application (like TS or Ventrillo) in order to split these up affectively.

    The other option, which works well when everyone does the same thing (which in CoD4 PC version is rare) is to use the inbuilt voice to the game and use the same output channels. Most games with this option drop the sound games down by 50% or more whenever someone speaks.
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