#5250760, By ploder Final Fantasy X?

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    Should I have started with FFX or is FFXII much better?
    I don't think it matters which you start with tbh. FFX is more like the other FFs with turn based combat. FFXII has a radically different (but ultimately shallow) mmo style combat system. I think FFXII was technically better but soulless imo. That's not to say it was a bad game, but none of the PS2 FFs live up to the FF standard imo. However, FFX-2 is the only one I would say is a poor game.

    I don't particularly think much of any PS2 FF. The magic just wasn't there. The best of the series for me were FFVI, FFVII and FFVIII. I also really disliked the way the developers did away with the overworld maps. That was one of the only things giving an illusion of non-linearity.
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