#2935144, By MerricK Football Manager 2008 on 360????

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    thefilthandthefury wrote:
    MerricK wrote:
    ElNino9 wrote:
    Why would anyone bother playing this on anything other than the PC?

    gamescorewhores ....

    I can assure you I'm not one of those. I don't buy all the obscure yankee sport sims where you can get 1000 points in about ten minutes.

    I just prefer it on console, to be honest. I prefer everything but Counterstrike and RTS games on console though, that's just me.

    maybe not you then but most people I know with FM are gamerscore whores who have it for the p.c and therefore think its gunna be piss easy but then realise they cant use genie or something :)

    I dont like FM on the console, cos I like to have a dvd for red dwarf/ family guy/ american dad or something like that playing so I can watch it when I wait for loads or saving and then while am trawling thru the database it's good to have something like that in the background :D
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