#8350054, By Charlie_Miso Sly Collection + Sly 4

  • Charlie_Miso 19 Jan 2012 23:02:27 1,191 posts
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    Up to the 4th chapter of the 2nd game and not really feeling it.

    The requirement to play as Bentley and 'The Murry" (stop calling yourself that you fuck) is most unwelcome. Especially as Murry as all you do it punch shit. In fact, in the 4th chapter there was one mission where you had to nothing but kill 50 guards - that was it. Pure padding.

    However the Sly sections, which thankfully make up most of the game are improving as the hub areas get more difficult and the jailbreak scenario in chapter 4 is a welcome change of pace.

    Overall it's not a touch on the first, I really liked the focus on the linear platforming levels with only a touch of variety thrown in, this one is all over the place.

    It is getting better but I'm going to be sick of it way before I finish up.
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