#8406244, By Charlie_Miso Sly Collection + Sly 4

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    Finished Sly 2 last night (felt a little guilty abut grinding 800 coins for the last item from ThiefNet for the last trophy but a platinum is a platinum)

    Overall good game, the hubs got better and better as the game went on but only got better to play as Sly. The last level the airship was TERRIBLE as the 2 chumps. A couple of times after missions you were dumped at the other end, as one of them, and had to get back to the safehouse. BORING.

    I did like the Bentley hacking stuff.

    Final boss battle was strangely subdued.

    There was a wonderful game in there if only each time I only had to pickpocket one key, not five. Or destroy one generator, not six. Or hack 1 terminal, not 4.

    So that's three platinums I now have. Sly 1, Sly 2 and Infamous 2. Well played Sucker Punch.
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