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    So finished up Sly 3 - final thoughts;

    I guess i the end it was worth playing through to the end - the last bit is Sly 1 at it's best with some outstanding platforming. I also loved 80% of the penultimate level - pirates ftw.

    But that 20% - man oh man - that was terrible, playing as the frogman and sums up my issues with Sly 3.

    Sure these other characters have other abilities but who cares when they are no fun to play (looking at you Guru - you can possess enemies that makes them difficult to control as they run really fast, or you can turn into a fucking rock. Great. Thanks. Ability of the forever there, to play as an inanimate object.)?

    And you keep getting thrown into the mingames where you have no idea what you're meant to do or how they control. Once I died three times before I managed to survive enough to get through the damn instructions to play the bit. That's shit. Did like the flying. But all the car, underwater, helicopter, gondola, trucking, turret, rowing, bits were awful.

    The thought of that rat and turtle fucking is a bit wrong.

    Hype levels for Sly 4 dead in the water if the format remains the same.

    @Flying_Pig - More of the same but if you could get through 2 this has the advantage of being shorter.

    And some might prefer how it's a lot more mixed up. I just felt they threw everything at it in the hopes that some would be fun

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