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    DaisyD wrote:
    I actually have no problem with my pay. I do have issue with an under inflation increase and the home secretary not honouring an arbitration court. Pay rises should be equal to inflation or to the private sector. The police index is worked on te private sector, based on the average of 200 companies pay rises to their staff. This is the first time in over 30 years it's not been based on that.

    I also have a huge problem with nurses pay. It's lower than mine and unfairly so imo.

    RSI or desk boredem leading to madness is hardly comparable to what happens to a fair percentage of the public sector. My mate was trapped and dragged along the ground by a car 3 - 4 years ago. He will never be able to go back to normal work again and has permenant serious back injures. Another friend of mine had her back fractured when pushed over by some she was arresting. Injuries are most often caused by drunken private sector workers off their face on drink or drugs or both.

    what a martyr! If its so shit, get a private sector job and feel welcomed into the world of short term temporary contracts, no representation at work, and most importantly no generous final salary pension (or even better, early retirement due to stress and/or injury).

    The public sector gets paid the lowest the government can get away with - this is entirely right and proper as they act on behalf of the tax payer. As long as its not low enough to affect the quality of service given to the tax payer, its good enough.
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