#2947451, By Nuttah Graphics problem/Glitchs

  • Nuttah 8 Jan 2008 18:31:01 1,840 posts
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    Those sort of graphical glitches: lines appearing, end points of characters guns veering off into the distance are common when the GPU is not being cooled enough i.e. overheating, or at the worst case heat damage.

    I would suggest you check your system fans are working properlly., if you aren't sure try sitting a desk fan directly beside the computer, blowing air onthe the motherboard and grpahics card. If this improves the situation I'd suggest getting some better fans/cooling system.

    Glitches on some games and not others (with games which are a year or so apart) is more likely to be a driver issue, all games more likely a corruption/heating issue.
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