#2948251, By DamoVotf Tunneling through blocked ports at Uni

  • DamoVotf 8 Jan 2008 22:32:57 1,301 posts
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    It is a complete pain in the hole, you can do it if you have a computer outside you can tunnel to? I.e. a dedicated machine at home to bounce all your stuff off, you can do this by using sockscap (google it) which allows you to turn all the traffic to go through one port in a way which wont get blocked.

    Dont pay for anything like Hopster you wont get the bandwidth to play.

    i.e. it is hard to do, but do get some software to check the firewall for some open ports. And wired networks are easier to get through than wireless ones, at least I found it so.

    Let me give you some advice, give up WoW it is crap and just addictive. I know I have been there!
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