#2951758, By layleeloo Call of Duty 4 problems in 1080p

  • layleeloo 9 Jan 2008 18:14:47 25 posts
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    I bought a new 40" sony bravia 1080p tv at weekend. I bought COD4 for it as it is a 1080p game.

    My ps3 is set to 1080p, and on the XMB ment the TV info in the corner says 1080p. However when I put on COD4 once the game loads it switched to 720p??

    Why is this? I thought there must be something wrong with the machine so I have singstar - the only other 1080p game I own and put it in and it runs and plays at 1080p.

    SO i put COD4 in again and run it and it changes to 720p.

    Is there a problem with the disc or something? The settings in my TV are right to run the PS3 homepage in 1080p and also Singstar - its just COD4!?!? There are no options in the game menu about 1080p that I can see?

    Please help me!!! :-(

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