#2954264, By layleeloo Call of Duty 4 problems in 1080p

  • layleeloo 10 Jan 2008 13:54:50 25 posts
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    ecureuil wrote:
    layleeloo wrote:
    You have to go into custom settings of the HDMI and turn off 720p and all other resolutions apart from 1080p and then it runs.

    Are these settings in the PS3 options, or TV?

    They are in the console settings. You do need to remember to change it back to play your other games which is a pain but hopefully they may patch the game. Games like singstar make your TV autmatically pick up the 1080p but its just COD4 that doesnt. So just do into Settings, Display, HDMI - then instead of selecting automatic, select custom and it comes up with a list of several options compatible. Just untick the boxes and leave 1080p ticked and it will run.

    Like i say - when you wanna play uncharted or anything else at 720p remember to put it back. Its no major hassle as only takes about 10 seconds to do. But even still - would be better if you didnt have to do it at all

    Good luck mate
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