#2954307, By layleeloo Call of Duty 4 problems in 1080p

  • layleeloo 10 Jan 2008 13:59:21 25 posts
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    myiagros wrote:
    A lot of games which support 1080p, run better at 720p anyway (better framerate, less tearing).

    Some games intentionally even run at 720p despite supporting 1080p, because the developers were aware of issue at the higher resolution.

    In most cases i would suggest letting the game (and thereby its gevelopers) decide whether to run at 720p or 1080p, not force it to run at 1080p to look better, but run worse.

    Its not "forcing" the game to run as such - becasue you cant force a game to run which hasnt been programmed to run at 1080p. Its just a bug which they admitted. Hence hopefully should be getting fixed.

    I fount this out from typing COD4 resolution probelms in search engines and you find several sites saying "Infinity Ward state COD4 does run at 1080p". Which is where I found the tips on how to select it.

    Hey ho - either way, i get what you are saying, but if a game had 1080p on the box it has been programmed to run at that and if the TV's arnt picking it up - theres something wrong with the code in comparison to all other games which automatically select the highest resolution the game is capable or running at.
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