#2956944, By Heartcore_Ninja Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater- What the hell did they do?

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    I never thought I'd say this, but I think MGS3 is awful. Now before we start, I used to be a big fan of MGS and loved MGS and MGS2. Funnily enough however, I only recently got round to playing MGS3 due to me selling my PS2 before the game came out but now I have one again.

    So back to the point. I started playing and I didn't like the feel and found it quite clumsy and different somehow, yet it still felt like a MGS game. I couldn't figure it out at first. Then I realised. The camera and the controls. The camera kind of worked in past MGS games because of the use of radar and most of the level designs- corridors etc. Not so here- most of the time you can't even see enemies in a given area because they are past your field of view, and the new radar gadget- useless, you have to pratically squint to see the tiny little white dots of the map. Alert again- why?

    Obviously Subsistance fixes the camera issue so I thought I'd pick that version up instead. Then a new problem came into sight (just) the controls. They are some of the most stupidly desined, cumbersome controls I have ever used- completely different to the slickness of MGS and MGS2. It took me time to realise and a quick play of MGS2 to find why aswell. Mainly but not only- the aiming and firing system.

    In MGS2 you would hold the fire button to get your gun out and then let go to shoot, with the bumper button giving you a first person view- the laser sight on the socom was nice too. You could also let go of the fire button gently to put down your gun without firing a shot. This system worked very nicely.

    So why then, Konami, why change that for MGS3? Now it's all overly pressure sensitive nonscence that doesn't work properly. Now you must hold the fire button to get out your gun, but not too hard or else you'll fire stray bullets and not too soft or you might get your gun out only for you to put it away again straight after. Then whilst pressed in you must press the fire button really hard in order to shoot. You still have R1 to first person view but now there's also L1 to zoom in with certain weapons. I don't know how that sounds but it's terrible in practice- unless it's my only a few weeks old controller which works fine for other games! Try combing this whilst taking cover behind a tree with the analogue stick for example and it's a nightmare. Alert ...again, why- because you fired stray bullets...sigh.

    Oh and the d-pad controlled sneeking. Oh god why. It works, just but why is it not on the analogue? An analogue can recognise the difference between a sneek, walk, and run so why map sneeking to the fiddly d-pad? Splinter Cell did it, I didn't realise it was that clever.

    So why should I care? It's MGS that's why and I can't believe that I don't like it. I want to but I'm having serious problems with the controls and the camera (which can be fixed in Subsistance). I wanted to know if this is a well known problem or what other players think. I just don't get it- the controls being the main issue really.
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