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    No jailbreak for ATV3 so xbmc is out unless you own/seek out an ATV2.

    I'd think Apple TV was garbage too if I didn't have it networked to my Mac mini and iTunes. For that purpose its great, the only downer being I have to remux mkv's to mp4, but that only takes 30 seconds per file, so a quick batch convert and Im all set. Airplay is pretty sweet too.

    For a long time I used a PS3 with a massive hdd as a media centre but ATV is so much more seamless. It'd be a doorstop without my own content though.

    I do miss some of the fine tuning controls though, like goto time etc. Apple and their silly obsession with simplicity for the sake of it. Equally, I don't use the pathetic remote. Logitech Harmony One ftw.

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