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    I'm enjoying it! Even after the debacle of direct2drive's download system.

    I'm a pirate on the BlackBeard server. Ship combats loads of fun. Especially when you have a few mates in your group. Its loads of fun when 3 level 12 ships start taking down level 45 ships. The team tactics get kind of involved... "Come About... COME ABOUT!" Its great you can ctrl-click on the attack button and then guns auto-fire when they've loaded. I tend to chuck myself in a pack of ships and tab through them as my guns load so i can unleash on multiple targets quickly. This gets even better with my 'van hoorn' ship that has fore and aft guns to. 4 fields of fire!

    The on foot combat is pretty crap but I just avoid those missions. I like that the game keeps suprising me. I took down a spanish ship last night and was rewarded with a spanish prisoner. Who i could sell to pirates for gold or ransom back to the spanish for a reputation boost with that faction.

    I've not been in any of the faction battles for control of ports but I've been online when they've happened before. Has anyone tried one of these?

    It is dangerously addictive though, so watch out...
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